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Articles and essays in international refereed journals

Minca, C. (2018, forthcoming) The cosmopolitan geographer’s dilemma. Geographische Zeitschrift

Barba Lata, I. and Minca, C. (2017) The floating churches of Volgograd: River topologies and the warped spatialities of faith. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers

Minca, C. and Rijke A. (2017) Wall, walls, walls! Society and space

Altin, R. and Minca, C. (2017) Exopolis reloaded: Fragmented landscapes and No-Man’s Lands in the Italian North-East. Landscape Research 42.4: 385-399

Giaccaria, P. and Minca, C. (2016) Life in space, space in life: Nazi topographies, geographical imaginations, and Lebensraum. Holocaust Studies 22.2-3: 151-171

Minca, C. (2016) Italian Studies, Italian Theory, and the politics of trans-lation. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 34.5: 822-829

Wagner, L.B. and Minca, C. (2016) Topographies of the Kasbah Route: Hardening of a heritage trail. Tourist Studies 16.3: 296-322

Barba Lata, I. and Minca, C. (2016) The surface and the abyss/Rethinking topology. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 34.3: 438-455

Minca, C. (2016) Gabriele Zanetto e il postmoderno. Rivista Geografica Italiana 123: 163-176 (in Italian)

Minca, C. and Ong, C. E. (2016) The power of space: the biopolitics of custody and care at the Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam. Political Geography 52: 34-46

Bulkens, M., Muzaini, H. and Minca, C. (2015) Dutch New Nature: (re)landscaping the Millingerwaard. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 59: 808-825

Minca, C. (2015) Counter-camps and other spatialities. Political Geography 49: 90-92

Minca, C. (2015) Geographies of the Camp. Political Geography 49: 74-83

Bulkens, M., Minca, C. and Muzaini, H. (2015) Sight lines, sight areas and unbroken open spaces? More-than-representational conceptualisations in Dutch landscape planning. Geographica Helvetica 70: 239-249

Bulkens, M., Minca, C. and Muzaini, H. (2015) Story-telling as method in spatial planning. European Planning Studies 23(11): 2310-2326

Minca, C., Crampton, J., Bryan, J., Fall, J., Murphy, A., Paasi, A. and Elden, S. (2015) Reading Stuart Elden’s The Birth of Territory. Political Geography 46: 93-101

Minca, C. and Rowan, R. (2015) The question of space in Carl Schmitt. Progress in Human Geography 39: 268-289

Ong, C. E., Minca, C. and Felder, M. (2015) The historic hotel as ‘quasi-freedom machine’: negotiating utopian visions and dark histories at Amsterdam’s Lloyd Hotel and ‘Cultural Embassy’. Journal of Heritage Tourism 10(2): 167-183

Ong, C. E., Minca, C. and Felder, M. (2014) Disciplined mobility and the emotional subject in Royal Dutch Lloyd’s early Twentieth Century passenger shipping network. Antipode 46: 1323-1345

Wagner, L.B. and Minca, C. (2014) Rabat retrospective: Colonial heritage in a Moroccan urban laboratory. Urban Studies 51: 3011-3025

Minca, C. and Rowan, R. (2014) The trouble with Carl Schmitt. Political Geography 41: A1-A3

Felder, M., Minca, C. and Ong, C.E. (2014) Governing refugee space: the quasi-carceral regime of Amsterdam’s Lloyd Hotel, a German-Jewish refugee camp in the prelude to World-War-Two. Geographica Helvetica 69: 365-375

Sin, H. L. and Minca, C. (2014) Touring responsibility: the trouble with ‘going local’ in community based tourism in Thailand. Geoforum 51: 96-106

Fall, J. J. and Minca, C. (2013) Not a geography of what doesn’t exist, but a counter-geography of what does: rereading Giuseppe Dematteis’ Le Metafore della Terra. Progress in Human Geography 37(4): 540-561

Minca, C. (2013) The cultural geographies of landscape. Hungarian Geographical Bulletin 62(1): 47-62

Minca, C. (2013) (Im)mobile geographies. Geographica Helvetica 68(1): 7-16

Barnes, T.J. and Minca, C. (2013) Nazi spatial theory: the dark geographies of Carl Schmitt and Walter Christaller. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 103(3): 669-687

Bialasiewicz, L., Giaccaria, P., Jones, A. and Minca, C. (2013) Rescaling EU-rope: European macroregional fantasies in the Mediterranean. European Urban and Regional Studies 20 (1): 59-76

Minca, C. and Vaughan-Williams, N. (2012) Carl Schmitt and the concept of the border. Geopolitics 17: 756-772

Minca, C. (2012) Carlo Galli, Carl Schmitt and contemporary Italian political thought. Political Geography 31: 250-253

Minca, C. (2012) Claude Raffestin’s Italian travels. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 30: 142-158.

Giaccaria, P. and Minca, C. (2011) Nazi biopolitics and the dark geographies of the selva. Journal of Genocide Research 13(1-2): 67-84

Giaccaria, P. and Minca, C. (2011) Topographies/Topologies of the camp: Auschwitz as a spatial threshold. Political Geography 30: 3-12

Giaccaria, P. and Minca, C. (2011) The Mediterranean alternative. Progress in Human Geography 35 (3): 345-365. (also translated for and published in the Japanese Journal of Geographical Studies)

Bialasiewicz, L. and Minca, C. (2010) The ‘border within’: inhabiting the border in Trieste. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 28 (6) 1084-1105

Minca, C. (2009) The Island: tourism, work and the biopolitical. Tourist Studies 9 (2) 88-108

Minca, C. (2009) The Reign and the glory: or the theological foundations of the credit crunch. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 27 (2) 127-132

Minca, C. (2009) ‘Trieste Nazione’ and its geographies of absence. Social and Cultural Geography 10 (3) 263-283

Minca, C. (2008) Touring. Rivista Geografica Italiana 115: 125-144 (in English)

Minca, C. (2008) Tra cosmopolis e nazione. Rivista Geografica Italiana 115: 459-481 (in Italian)

Minca, C. (2007) Agamben’s geographies of modernity. Political Geography 26 (1) 78-97

Minca, C. (2007) The tourist landscape paradox. Social and Cultural Geography 8 (3) 433-453

Minca, C. (2007) Humboldt’s compromise: or, the forgotten geographies of landscape. Progress in Human Geography 31 (2) 179-193

Minca, C. (2006) Giorgio Agamben and the new biopolitical nomos. Geografiska Annaler, Series B: Human Geography 88 (4) 387-403

Bialasiewicz, L. and Minca, C. (2005) Old Europe, New Europe: for a geopolitics of translation. Area 37 (4) 365-372

Minca, C. (2005) Italian cultural geography or, the history of a prolific absence. Social and Cultural Geography 6 (6) 927-949

Minca, C. (2005) The return of the Camp. Progress in Human Geography 29 (4) 405-412

Minca, C. (2004) Reflections on the nature of modern geography. Földrajzi Értesíto (Hungarian Geographical Bulletin) 3-4: 325-330 (in Hungarian)

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Minca, C. (2002) Más allá del postmodernismo: viajes a través de la paradoja moderna. Documents d’Analisi Geografica 40:46-68 (in Spanish)                                                                                   

Minca, C. (2000) Venetian geographical praxis. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 18 (3): 285-289

Minca, C. (2000) The Bali Syndrome: the explosion and implosion of exotic tourist places. Tourism Geographies 2 (4): 389-403

Minca, C. (2000) Geographical practice and postmodern destination image: a European perspective. Space and Culture 6: 21-29

Draper, D. and Minca, C. (1997) Image and destination. The Tourist Review 52 (2): 14-24

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Minca, C. and Getz, D. (1995) Public and private-sector cooperation in destination planning: a comparison of Banff and Niagara Falls. Tourism Review 50 (4): 49-59

Minca, C. (1995) Urban waterfront evolution: the case of Trieste. Geography 80 (3): 225-234

Other articles and essays

Minca, C. (2011). Author of the following entries: ‘Camp’; ‘Ban’. In: The Agamben Dictionary / Murray, A. and Whyte, J. (eds). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press

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